One thought on “Kangaroo comics – Episode 3

  1. The next day, Mama Kangaroo was caught up by snow storm coming from the beach while Papa Kangaroo was still at work. Mama kangaroo had to come up with mini skits for the school students to perform during The Tulips festival that takes place during the last weekend of the month of March, which was one of their favorite time to share stories and hope to nest new born rabbits during the season. The families of rabbits play on their tulips garden which is located at the front and side of their house on their landscape façades. Rabbits are attracted to colorful tulips given them different colorful fur shades as long as their bodies are reflected from these colors.

    She will have to discuss some of the preliminary performances with her students and Papa Kangaroo before coming up with the final scripts of the skits. We would need time after they are done with their homework to go through these different parts of their skits. Colorful vests and balloons will save the day. I’m thinking Hop-Scotch games and rings throwing will be appropriate while they serve shortcakes, chocolates, tea and smarties. Roo and kango would have to let their friends know about the Tulips festival and a mini parade. They should come up with colors of their choice suitable for their costumes, then I would be able to have it ready before the festival for them.

    To be continued on Episode 38 and 39


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