SVENFLY Corporation is widely known in most popular cities in the world. This corporation was founded in 1998. This corporation invest heavily on transportation, manufacturing, construction both commercial and residential, distribution and infrastructures, expanding and developing countries and cities around the world. The corporation’s name originated  from “The Seventh Child”.

The founder, Valerie Njee is the creator of KANGAROO COMICS seen on this website and other multi-media delivery channels. These characters are sold as stuff animals in department stores and their images are use for producing textile prints, wallpapers, cards, holsters, costumes, etc. globally.

Investments and Productivity of this corporation may not be apparent to the public although it’s STOCK symbol can be viewed on ticker line. The advertising markets play a huge role by attracting investors to buy STOCK shares and products. Most of their constructions and durable properties are not for sale.

This corporation also invest on production of articles, items, apparel, labels, logos within and outside its major competitive business lines.

The short and long term goals of this corporation is to meet productive demand and supply, and also to keep up with the investment markets.


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