Many Of Our Customers Around The World Rely On Overnite Deliveries

Many of our customers around the world rely on overnite deliveries, getting to the next station within hours from the time of order to the time of delivery. Our automated logistics systems put in place keeps our delivery services on their feet by making sure that these goods are delivered on-time whenever and wherever. The booming technology of our internet ecommerce, B2B enabled clients, customers and services to make a difference by meeting online delivery timelines.

Most of SVENs’ Corporate customers have relied for several years on established automated transportation systems dealing with air, road, sea and rail fleet services. These services are provided by corporate partners and reliable service companies affiliated with some of their major corporations.

truckingTrucking Services Ups

Goods and merchandise from different parts of the world arrive on-time to their destinations as expected from a given duration period to most of their clients. The traceability of such goods are easy and can be access through the internet.

fllet services

SVEN Corporation continues to build and maintain a good relationship with its transportation alliance resources, keeping their contracts and suppliers busy with their regular demands. These weighed business relationships are nurtured on the trust created amongst them.

Wherever the demands and supplies are needed, the delivery is met keeping the flow of steady construction, distribution and maintainability to a good standing with these transportation systems which they have created such relationship.

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