One thought on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 4

  1. Today is beach day says Kango to Roo after all it is Saturday and all of our friends are going to be by the beach to have fun swimming with the dolphins, golden tortoises and whales while the cold coral reef species such as jellyfishes, soles and sardine fish hovers around these large fish. See who is coming from there! Said Roo to Kango, I think I can see Mrs. Zeet heading towards us.

    Mrs. Zeet is one of our school teacher who lives not very far from where we live. She is fun and interesting to have during Biology lesson where we discuss deep sea and marine life mammals. The coral reef is much more fun and have many species to study and learn about their existence and habitats.

    Oh; Good morning Mrs. Zeet. We almost went by chatting about the different fish species we might see by the beach hoping to meet the whales and dolphins before they leave for the deep sea navigation. Did you happen to see any interesting fish that you would like to share with us? Asked Roo to Mrs. Zeet. Mrs. Zeet responded that the are lots of species to see this time of the season and she even mentioned that she may have seen their friends swimming down at the beach. Saturday was a popular day for students from their school to play by the beach with their friends.

    Bye Mrs. Zeet, we better hurry to meet them. I’m thinking we’ll see Bannerie, Annetine, Rollette and Eagle said Kango to Roo. Have a wonderful time playing with your friends and come back with topics to discuss on Monday at School.

    The name of their School is Wood Edge Elementary School located near Goose Bay were they all go to school and prepare for their future.


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