Kangaroo Comics – Episode 43

kgoo59Kgoo Episode 59

Ansswer: angles; airplanes

The weather tends to be breezy with clear skies and intervals of rainfall. During the last week of June, we observed partial lunar eclipse.

kgooepisode15Kgoo Episode 43

Answer: clouds

Hey, Kango and Roo’s friends are here to check if our backward birds started flying already.

Mama Kangaroo quickly said, “its Zya and Upa running, investigating if they would see the baby birds.

June252015Kgoo Episode 57

Answer: clouds; birds, fly

After running my morning chore, I decided to take a walk. The weather had started brightly, with bright colorful flower pots and colorful shrubs in front of houses in our neighborhoods and everyone was having a cheerful day already. I then peep outside in front of the ward to see how the baby birds were doing. They’re nested below the shrubs in the friendship garden. All of a sudden, came Winla, Xiya, Yaya and Zee to watch the birds for their first time.

Birdnestchicks03Kgoo Episode 58

Answer: excited