Kangaroo Comics – Episode 2

These Comic Opera is an opera with humorous situations, a story that ends happily and usually with some written dialogue.

An Opera is a work, labor, akin to OPUS; A play having all or most of the text set to speeches, with arias, ensembles, recitations, choruses, duets, trios, etc. sung to orchestral accompaniment, usually characterized by elaborate costuming scenery and choreography: the branch of arts represented by such plays. The score is usually the liberty or performance of such a play.

OPUS is a work; riches; publication; composition: especially any of the musical works of a composer: numbered in the order of compositions or publications.

Kgoo Episode 2 finalKGOO Episode 2

One thought on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 2

  1. Hey Kango called out Roo “I can see Sting Rays and Dolphins heading our way”. Listen to how they chat among themselves while feasting on Sardine fish and performing an in and out of the water hopping motion in the beach. But Sting Rays likes to swim quietly most of the time and occasional flap their sides creating ripples of water and bubbles which is an indication of their presence. They tend to stay underneath the sea body close to the sand just how sole fish do. They love playing with their young offspring, teaching them how to somersault, jump while landing safely in the water. Mama Kangaroo added ” they are also good gymnastic freaks and enjoy teaming up to entertain beach visitors.

    All of these sea species have their way of enjoying the body of water, while having fun at the same time creating maneuvers to captivate their admirers. Some of these species are edible and very good nutrient to our bodies. The coral species are numerous during Spring weather which is mostly peak season for fishery industry. Great gaming activities as well! Some of these products are found in grocery stores and restaurants like any other fish product.


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