Kangaroo Comics – Episode 1

Kangaroo Comic Strips – is a series of cartoons, as seen in newspapers and/or sitcom played by characters, extending and demonstrating comic strips, usually telling humorous or adventurous stories.


This series captures humorous stories of Kangaroo families in Goose Bay.


Kgoo Episode 1 final-01Kgoo Episode 1


3 thoughts on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 1

  1. Once upon a time, there lived a family of Kangaroo off of Kgoo Avenue in Njeesburg close to Goose Bay. This family enjoyed both out and indoor games and four season weather. They were also hard working couple and had their off springs to raise. They enjoyed playing by the beach where they talked about curvatures and landforms made by formation circles created by sea waves, ridges of swift water flow called currents.
    Depending on the nature of sea currents and their locations; domes and craters can be formed in the ocean creating islands or raised spared landforms close to the sea boarders which do appear as short interlock streams or creeks. Depending on the tides and seasons, the Kangaroo family observes different coral reef species, sea fish and large sea mammals swimming close to the bays and capes entering into creek inlets.
    “The larger sea creatures are referred to as sea mammals” explain Mama Kangaroo to Roo and Kango and four other students from their school whom we happen to meet at the beach, near Rush Creek towards Goose Bay.” Mama Kangaroo continued saying “because they deliver their young offspring compare to laying eggs which is common with most of the other sea life creatures, they turn to be much friendly and would easily save humans when stranded in the ocean compare to other sea life.”

    The next day, Mama Kangaroo decided to head to the beach again with Roo and Kango to discover more about what the dolphins, soles, tortoises, sting rays and jellyfishes were up to. During this time of the year, sea banks inlets by the Atlantic Oceans are filled with coral reef species, large mammals such as whales, sharks and dolphins to settle and hibernate, mating and having fun while they prepare to have new off springs for the year. The Tortoises crawl out of the ocean to lay their eggs in holes where they have dug and would cover their eggs with sand to return the next day or two to lay more eggs. After eight to twelve weeks, towards the period of hatching, the tortoise gets to lay over their eggs while they hatch. The new baby tortoises stay on land for a week before rushing to follow their parents into the ocean.

    The site seeing is glamorous, such that if Mama Kangaroo doesn’t watch the angle where the sun is setting, they may spend their time narrating stories of some of the different colorful species of shelled fishes seen this time of the year having Offspring. This scenery usually last for 3 to 4 months while the sea mammals parade back and forth into their nesting bays and capes.

    Offspring of Kangaroos are called Joey.


  2. Papa and Mama Kangaroo kept a good habit to educate Roo and Kango what life was all about. They had to keep to certain rules and made sure that their homework were done on time just like any Kangaroo student attending school in Njeesburg. They enjoy riding school buses although they were drop off at school when the weather was cloudy with heavy rain storms.

    School was fun for both Roo and Kango. They both made friends with other kangaroo students attending the same school and talked about games, played different sport games, played in Orchestra Ensembles and shared treats while keeping to their school work.

    They both were fortunate enough to take classes in Medical field of studies and at the same time observe practical examples while given advices how to go about certain illnesses which were common amongst their peers. It’s always essential to apply knowledge that makes a differences in people’s lives which will intend attribute in controlling such illnesses.


  3. It is belief to be known that the existence of Kangaroos were much similar to those of human beings where their evolution mirrored that of most individuals working in estates, farms and gardens long ago in Africa who migrated from Africa to different continents of the world. Kangaroos were long dropped in Australia to help with preliminary irrigation to aid in developing green vegetation and plateaus. They feed on water melons, fresh almonds, tuber foods such as sweet potatoes, pumpkins, cassavas, peanuts (groundnuts), etc. and carrots, cabbages, sardine fish. Today, Kangaroos are more popular by the Indian Ocean in Australia, South of the Continent.

    They live similarly like deer families in the continent of America and are fun to play with just like rabbits, donkeys, and are calm and fun to have around. These animals can be raise as cows or pigs for human consumption as well. Their average weight is between 60 to 80 Ibs.


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