One thought on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 32

  1. “Kango and Roo would have to stop by,” says Mr. Alphasky to purchase a home. They have always wanted to live in a cottage with other students from their school. Some of those cottage houses stayed maintained by family friends and perchers, to stay independent, focusing on their carriers and to operating vehicles.
    Job opportunities in malls could only come if your parents or relative maintained a given store or theme in the park to rotate while putting in billable hours. All they had to do was to be able to secure openings for 10 to 12 hours per week while they rotate into offices, banks, hospitals and electronic stores. Rotation of this sort was admirable and fun to have by all the students who applied for jobs.

    Others, could never get the truth from their trust worthy friends how and where they worked. Construction and distribution occupied most of their time although they pretended not to be aware of what was actually going on. It may have been difficult to convince Roo and Kango by their parents what was actually going on. All they hope for was for both to have rotating jobs in industrial plaza to make up their weekly 40 hours. One way or another, things were to ease up due to narrow intervals and breaks where their parents had to really bring them to that understanding to rely and see for themselves after taking in some of these job responsibilities.

    School will soon start and their hours would surely reduce while they maintain an emphasis on practical endeavors to enrich their understanding of certain materials. With new construction underway; there are so many deals and contracts going on which may not be visible to all.


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