One thought on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 10

  1. Easter break is one of our family’s best celebrated holidays with activities such as Easter eggs hunting, sharing drinks of different flavors, sending gifts and enjoying family picnic with other families. This period is also the best time to work as a family discussing new stimulating marketing initiatives, working towards multiplying our earnings and improving on our paths, providing great opportunities for the future. This particular Easter break, knowing that Kango and Roo will soon expand on their expenses, we all had to sit down and discuss methods and means on how to save and reduce our expanses.
    Mama Kangaroo mentioned “that, it was easy to accumulate wealth as long as we keep up building properties, and all we had to do, was to make sure our ownership was not manipulated by third parties organizations or firms.” We all had “to be quiet at times, reflecting what more we had to do and how to better organize our projects.” “In order not to be cut off guard by the many chores we had to perform during certain intervals.” “Writing was one of our favorite act from short expressions, poems, short stories to performing oratories and dramatization not to talk of biblical recitations and debates when call for.” Preparing for Easter day activities around the house was special, hiding Easter eggs both outside and around the house kept them excited and thoughtful of what they would find after their Easter hunt. They stayed away from guessing what they would find and kept an open mind. “Although we occasionally had family who vacate with us during this period, we abstained from making a firm agreement on what to expect.”
    Kango and Roo at times invited “their friends later to share gifts and candies, dancing the way throughout the evening and singing songs they like.” There were moments “when they would dance waltz, souls, tap dancing by clapping their hands alongside and swings which gave them plenty of time to converse with each other, of which they ended up, coming up with the next adventure or projects to work on.”
    Papa Kangaroo prepared “the best ever Easter meal we could thing of. Every Easter we all had to listen as he prayed before lunch and thank him for preparing the best ever meal we could never expect”. Saying in unison, “you are the best cook ever and we all are delightful but would prefer steam food with products from the meadows.” The best cakes were baked during Easter with lots of colorful decorations such flowers, with laminated kangaroo comic characters and sprinkles attracting buyers to shop for products such as this.
    Our gardens are full of butterflies, rabbits, guinea pigs, squirrels, birds of different colors flocking together, chirping, peeping, chanting with soft noises while their conversation went on as we play with these our backyard creatures. “They nibbled on flowers, carrots and nuts” said Mama and Papa Kangaroo while we water plants and shrubs. Yeah “here comes Xiya, Yaya, Zee and Winla, you’ll all have more friends to play and enjoy the rest of your day,” said Papa Kangaroo. Kango and Roo were happy to meet with their friends over a bowl of nuts and a cup of cold drink of their choice chatting and singing in different intervals. Politics was one of their main topics along side many other activities, just like debate, they knew how to define the terms of any discussions, getting to the objectives and identifying new findings if any or what needed more research. “Putting in abstracts would help in expanding the notions and expectations of what others may have had issues.” “I needed to head inside the house to continue with preparations for the next day’s activities, as I remember,” asking “if Papa Kangaroo could join us tomorrow to go over the detailed portion of measurements of scarfs and bow ties?” Working to produce products made up of wrinkled free materials of different colors such as silk, polyesters mixed with terre guard were the most preferable wear for many individuals. Everyone could slip into their outfits, anytime which tend to be durable.
    The day tend out to be a great one with lite showers to bless the evening, keeping us calm and cold, having a glass or two of wine for adults in the family and hot chocolate for children before we all went to bed.


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