One thought on “Kangaroo Comics – Episode 38

  1. Mama kangaroo had plenty to do towards the last week of March since she had to finish sewing and preparing costumes for the Tulips festival, which official day is the last Saturday of the month of March but for school goers, its the last Friday of the month of March so all the students can participate and perform skits while the flowers & herbs sales is going on outside of the building. During this day, the students and staff gets to share treats and tales about their surroundings especially life by the beach.

    With suggestions from Roo and Kango’s friends, they all agreed to pair up with similar short sleeves tops of the same colors. They were divided into two groups, one group will fly balloons of the same colors as their tops and the other group will perform ballet using colorful umbrellas with synchronizing movements following direction given by their choreographers before the parade.

    Here comes the first group with colorful balloons said Mr. Alphasky to Bravo who was preparing to take pictures for their memoir mule. I heard Mrs. Kangaroo and her family met with a team of students from their children’s classrooms to come up with a theme and attire for the tulips parade. Their ideas were brilliant and agreeable by all.

    Their attires are magnificent and gorgeous, very colorful to keep the day going with all the treats to pass around. We’ll have a great spring sales of flowers and herbs today. This activity always attracts parents and neighbors to shop for flowers as the students perform their skits. “While we were speaking to one another, here comes the other group with – – –Episode 39


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