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Touching Spirit Bear

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23 thoughts on “Storyberry Company

  1. Kango and Roo are skipping and floating in the air with their friends Annerie and Bannerie. Here comes Kango dressed in red, stretching his_____ as if he is about to ___________ a string of _______________.
    Roo is dressed in _______________ . He is almost about to land on _____________. Bannerie screams out to Annerie, “watch out Roo is almost catching up with you”.


  2. Why would Kango and Roo decide to play out on a windy day like today? You can see them both floating, skipping and reaching out to grab strings of balloons. Can you _____________ what ___________ they would like to have?


  3. Roo and Kango lived in a ____________ city close to Goose Bay where they grew up and made friends with other students who went to the same schools like them and lived in the same neighborhood. They had fun playing games and performing skits. Performing science experiments and short drama narrating short stories.


    • I will say – in a beautiful or cheerful city after seeing how they are skipping and floating to catch strings of balloons. I guess we’ll find out when the author finally reveal the name of the city.


  4. Annetine likes counting in sequence of ___ ___ ___ to have multiple of 23. If she counts 5 times in that sequence; what is the value at the end? The answer is____.


  5. Both like to play trumpets. Who would you think ________ other instrument if they were ask to choose? Asked Annetine to Bannerie.


  6. Roo and Kango are kangaroo characters and like to share thoughts about their every days’ tale to keep the day going as they come up with different topics. Their attitudes as documented in the past enrich their creativity although it might be interesting and challenging to imagine their next move.


  7. Good morning says Sannie to Roo. What are you up today? Here comes Annerie and her friend Bannerie to watch the geese nesting in Goose Bay.


  8. Geometry

    Formulas to calculate different Volumes

    Rectangle: Volume (Vol) = Length (L) * Width (W) * Height (h) = LWH
    Square: Volume (Vol) = Side (S)3
    Cylinder: Volume (Vol) = Pi * radius (r)2 * Height (h)
    Pyramid: Volume (Vol) = 1/3 Base (b) * Height (h)


    1. (a + b) (a – b) = a2 – b2
      = a2 – ab + ba -b2 = a2 – b2
    2. (a + b)3 = a3 + 3a2b + 3ab2 + b2
    3. (a + b)2= a2 +2ab +b2
    4. (a – b)3 = a3 – 3a2b + 3ab2 – b2
    5. (a – b)2 = a2 – 2ab +b2


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