One thought on “KANGAROO COMICS – EPISODE 202

  1. Mama Kangaroo just got the news that there were gun firing among different group of hunters just this past weekend out in South Dakota Black Hills hunting for deer. Numerous casualties occurred and some were rushed to the nearby hospitals. As of now, the number of casualties so far reported are 12 adults and 4 minors. They are still waiting to get an update from the hospitals on the situations of those injured hunters.

    During deer hunting, everyone is advice to put on their protective body suits and hunting gears incase of any missed bullets. At this time of the season, many family are preparing for thanksgiving, thinking of all sorts of different ways to be profitable, increasing demand and supply of investment values.

    Hunters traveling are now able to use cryptocurrencies to purchase gas and charge their EVs along the highways gas/electric stations.

    We’ll cleanup and gather all the leaves from the yard and prepare different pies for the holiday.


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